Dear Patron,

In rebuilding an educational system that had been destroyed by war, Father Moreau's intent to educate the whole being was innovative. He wanted to challenge his students in every subject. He felt that a broad array of disciplines prepared the student to engage more fully in the world. The hallmark of a Holy Cross education is to craft a student who is hungry to continue learning and one who is eager to serve. Moreau was not satisfied with simply crafting smarter pupils, he wanted to prepare them for citizenship in heaven.

Saint Mary's College embraces this philosophy of education. Each year, at the Moreau Center, we offer a variety of cultural arts that will help our students prepare for their journey in life. We hope that you, as a patron attending these events, may discover that sense of awe at a new discovery or the joy in remembering a forgotten moment of enlightenment. Father Moreau insisted that the arts be included in the Holy Cross education. By sharing his vision for education and his zeal for discovery, perhaps we should approach our cultural events with a childlike wonder and the expectation that we, too, can share in this heritage of innovation.

Richard Baxter
Director of Campus and Community Events